In the first instance we need to write to the County Councillors who are responsible for making this decision.  We also need to encourage Borough Councillors to lobby the County and write to the incinerator firms so that they know that we will fight the plans.»



Email address of a county councillor is the name with a dot between first and surname Alternatively, write to them at County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DZ.


Email address of a county councillor is the name with a dot between first and surname Alternatively, write to them at County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DZ.



Broxbourne : Dave Hewitt, Chris Mitchell (F), Wilf Eynon, Alan Searing ,Terry Price (waste panel),

Robert Gordon (Leader of Council and Cabinet member)

Dacorum: Ian Reay (waste panel and env. & planning panel), David Lloyd (Cabinet), Andrew Williams,

Colette WyattLowe (Waste panel), Terry Douris, Jan Maddern, Steve Holmes, Richard Roberts (Cab)

East Herts: Sally Newton, John Barfoot, Leanda Newlyn, Duncan Peek (waste panel),

Jane Pitman (Cabinet), Bryan Hammond, Peter Ruffles, Roger Beeching (env.& planning panel),

David Andrews (waste panel), Rose Cheswright (waste panel)

Hertsmere: Alan Plancey , Morris Bright (waste panel), Steve OBrien, Seamus Quilty ,

Eddie Roach, John Usher, Caroline Clapper (Waste Panel and Env & Planning Panel)

North Herts: Ray ShakespeareSmith (env.& planning panel), Nigel Brook

Derrick Ashley (Cabinet and Waste Panel and Environment & Planning Panel. Has responsibility for environment, planning and waste)

Richard Thake (Cabinet), Michael Muir (waste panel), Terry Hone, Keith Emsall (cabinet),

Tony Hunter, Fiona Hill

St. Albans: Bernard Lloyd, Teresa Heritage (env.& planning panel), Maxine Crawley

Stevenage: Matthew Hurst, James Fraser (env. & planning panel), Philip Bibby (waste panel and environment & planning panel)  Three Rivers: Chris Hayward, Frances Button, Barbara Lamb


Welwyn Hatfield:

Clare Berry (Hatfield North), Richard Smith (Welwyn) (Cabinet)

Bill Storey (Hatfield Rural)  (environment & planning panel)

Stuart Pile (Hatfield South) (Cabinet),

Sara Johnston (Haldens),   Steve Markiewicz (WGC South)


LIB/DEMS  (17)

Dacorum: Ron Tindall, Nick Hollinghurst

St. Albans: Chris White (m), Rob Prowse, Allan Witherick, Aislinn Lee,

Geoff Churchard (waste panel), Chris Brazier (m) (env. & planning panel)

Stevenage: Robin Parker   Three Rivers: Paul Goggins, Steve Drury (env. & planning panel)

Watford: Stephen GilesMedhurst, Audrey Oaten, Mark Watkin (env. & planning panel), Derek Scudder (waste panel)


Welwyn Hatfield: Malcolm Cowan (Handside & Peartree)


Stevenage: Sharon Taylor (waste panel and env. & planning panel), John Lloyd. Watford:Nigel Bell

GREEN (1)  Watford: Ian Brandon (env. & planning panel)

N.B. Lib/Dem, Labour and GreenCounty Councillors have supported attempts to remove New Barnfield from the list of possible waste sites. Local Conservatives Stuart Pile, Steve Markiewicz and Sara Johnston also supported this move. Local Conservatives Clare Berry, Bill Storey and Richard Smith did not vote for the removal of New Barnfield from the list.





Welwyn/Hatfield Borough Council and Hatfield Town Council are opposed to the use of New Barnfield for an incinerator. Residents need to contact the Conservative councillors to urge them to take action to persuade their colleagues at County Hall, and to contact Labour councillors to urge them to step up the campaign.

Email addressfor Borough Councillors is the name with dot between first & surname or write to Council Offices, The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6AE.


Conservative Borough Councillors: Hatfield Central: Bukky Olawoyin; Hatfield East: Tony Kingsbury, Michael Long, Bernard Sarson, Nick Atkinson; Hatfield West: Nick Atkinson, Caron Juggins, Kim Langley,HatfieldVillages: Clare Berry, Lynne Sparks, Howard Morgan. Welham Green: Les Page,  Keith Pieri.

Leader: John Dean ; Planning & Environmental Health: Mandy Perkins; Environment.& Communications: Colin Couch

Labour Borough Councillors :-Hatfield Central: Maureen Cook, Colin Croft ; Hatfield South: Linda Mendez,   Kieran Thorpe. (Kieran  is a member of the committee of “Hatfield Against Incineration”)

Email address for Town Councillors is the name with dot between first & surname, or write to Council Offices, Birchwood Leisure Centre, Longmead, Hatfield AL10 OAN.

ConservativeTown Councillors:  Mick Clark, Linda Clark, Stan Laver-Walton, Caron Juggins, Howard Morgan, Kim Langley, Ron Wheeler, Geoff Wiltshire.  LabourTown Councillors: Mike Alder, Dean Archer, Margaret White, Colin Croft, Peter Heyman, Sheila Jones.




Jean-Dominique Mallet, Chief Executive Officer, Development Director, Veolia Environmental Services Plc, Veolia House

154A Pentonville Road, London N1  9PE








UK Without Incineration Network

Herts WithOut Waste

Ware Burning Issue Group

Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance








“Hatfield Against Incineration” is a non-party-political group founded by residents of Hatfield and Welham Green.


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